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Introducing the Intranet cart

Our users told us: ‘I wish I could choose my content on the Intranet and download it in one go’. We delivered them an Intranet cart and this generated some interest when I presented our new Intranet during the IntranetNow conference. My … Continue reading

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Inspirations from KMWorld 2014

I recently co-presented at a workshop during the KMWorld conference on ‘New ways of working: Culture change‘. Our message was that new ways of working might be calling for different approaches to improve adoption and facilitate culture change. We presented … Continue reading

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We all have a Digital Workplace!

Even if we do not realize it and even if our Digital Workplace is fragmented, we all have a Digital Workplace, yes we do! A week in the Digital Workplace by StepTwoDesigns describes the perfect Digital Workplace we probably all … Continue reading

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2013, the year of new ways of working?

As we can wish a happy new year until the end of January, it’s probably still possible to attempt a prediction for the new year: I bet that new ways of working will make a breakthrough in 2013. What Everett Rogers described … Continue reading

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Your first experience with a new Intranet

Today, we conducted our first face to face Intranet induction session, targetted at people who just joined our organisation. We briefly presented the salient features of our Intranet and explained our digital workplace environement. At the end, we provided one page which contains questions and a … Continue reading

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What does your Intranet do for you?

We always refer to users being at the center of Intranets and Intranet managers prime focus being to answer user and business needs. Two recent quotes re-emphasize this and provide great analogies: 1. “Google focuses on being helpful, being useful, and … Continue reading

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