Where augmented reality could meet the Digital Workplace

Sometimes it’s nice to look to the future.

These two videos shows examples of what our Digital Workplace of the future could look like.



Labelled as the ‘next generation of computing’ and following the path set up by the now defunct google glasses, this Microsoft mask technology, labelled as Hololens, might influence the work of the future in ways we haven’t anticipated yet.

There might be very obvious use cases in the manufacturing industry, but all sectors of the economy could potentially be impacted. Think about how some business trips could suddenly become useless if your counterparts could easily appear and interact virtually next to you?

As the video says “This technology binds the digital life with physical life”.

Other companies are already jumping on the bandwagon, including Magic Leap (supported by Google).

Are we close to the day where science fiction will become a reality?


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Passionate about the digital workplace (defined as the sum of collaboration, social media and the Intranet). The postings on this site are my own.
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