We all have a Digital Workplace!

Even if we do not realize it and even if our Digital Workplace is fragmented, we all have a Digital Workplace, yes we do!

A week in the Digital Workplace by StepTwoDesigns describes the perfect Digital Workplace we probably all aim for.

But if you do one of the following activities online to do your job, then you can consider that you have a Digital Workplace:

  • Communicate with your colleagues using instant messages
  • Collaborate on a document with someone located outside of your building
  • Send a proposal to your business partner by email
  • Read an interesting (yes it exists) story on your Intranet homepage
  • Request a day off to your manager using your online HR system
  • Share a video with colleagues (that you might even have never met)
  • Submit a request for your next business trip
  • Have a video conference with your project team around the world
  • Follow a self-paced internal online course
  • Publish a document or media asset of interest to colleagues
  • Participate and contribute to a workshop whereas you are at home
  • Share an idea to make your business more profitable
  • Secure an answer from your business partner instantaneously while on the go
  • Share a large file with other teams
  • Conduct your performance appraisal
  • Look for the contact details of an expert needed for your project
  • Comment on the last corporate news
  • Check your payslip online
  • And the list can be longer…

The essential question is to know how complex or easy was your experience using your Digital Workplace to do the above activities? There are rare cases where most of these activities (note I did not say ‘all’) can be done in a unified way (with a single login, a common navigation and a seamless user experience).

But in general, most of us have to face a myriad of platforms or tools to perform our work and have to remember several passwords! Not to speak about the myriad of commercial external platforms that are gradually being used in a very pragmatic way by colleagues to perform their job (“I use it at home, and it works, why not use it at work?”).

As Digital Workplace practitioners, our role is to ensure that the tools offered and used by our workforce to get their work done, offer a unified and great user experience.

Do you have a Digital Workplace? How unified is your Digital Workplace?

PS: This blog was partly inspired by a great discussion with NetJmc and DigitalJonathan.

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Passionate about the digital workplace (defined as the sum of collaboration, social media and the Intranet). The postings on this site are my own.
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