Digital Workplace Trends 2013

Digital Workplace Trends 2013The Digital Workplace Trends 2013 report has just been released by Jane McConnell, marking a turn in what has become over the years an institution.

Using a completely new layout, this year’s edition has been designed as a direct communication tool to be used in meetings and conversations.

It contains 169 pages of insightful findings, facts and concrete examples that will surely make it an essential reference and practical tool for Digital Workplace practitioners.

The excitement could be felt in the Digital Workplace Twittersphere on its release date, almost ‘Harry Potter’ like.

Digital Workplace Trends 2013 Twitter reactions

Whether you have a senior position in your organization, are directly involved in the management of one of the dimensions of the Digital Workplace or have a genuine interest in the potentials that the combination of applications, tools and Intranets that people use to do their job can bring to your organization, this report is for you.

The Digital Workplace Trends report is very handy, it will save you a lot of time when you need

  • a quick snapshot of the current trends
  • critical success factors of the early adopters
  • inspirational and tangible examples of what was done successfully
  • facts and data to build a business case
  • a direction for your future investments and budget planning
  • ready made slides to discuss with your colleagues on specific topics
  • terms clearly defining the Digital Workplace and its various dimensions

The report can also serve as a starting point to reflect on issues surrounding the Digital Workplace including

  • the diversity of job functions needed for its management
  • the  leadership and organizational strategy required for an effective implementation
  • what leads or might lead you to a solution in the cloud
  • the (re)definition of you target audience

The report will tell you that Digital Workplace initiatives are officially part of many enterprise transformation programs and provide you with other key points, including:

  1. ‘Organizational intelligence’ and ‘efficiency and cost savings’ are the top 2 drivers for a Digital Workplace
  2. ‘Colleagues and peer behavior’ are more effective for facilitating change in social collaboration
  3. Few organizations have already integrated social collaboration into their enterprises processes and thereby fundamentally rethought how they work

The Executive Summary will surely convince you to quickly get your own copy of the ‘Harry Potter’ of the Digital Workplace Trends 2013.


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