2013, the year of new ways of working?

As we can wish a happy new year until the end of January, it’s probably still possible to attempt a prediction for the new year: I bet that new ways of working will make a breakthrough in 2013.

What Everett Rogers described as the “early majority” will start adopting new ways of collaborating, interacting, communicating and engaging with the consequence of shifting away from the ’email – share drive’ couple that has ruled the world for the past 20 years.

Innovative organizations have already been witnessing benefits from the adoption of new ways of working. These organizations are at least one step ahead of the others. They are already looking and talking about agile work or the end of the workplace as we know it.

Most organizations are however slower in their willingness and ability to change. Even those who have already put in place the platforms that support new ways of working haven’t yet experienced a high rate of user adoption.

But this situation might change as employees that were so far reluctant or hesitant (“the early majority”) are now used to new ways of interacting, sharing and communicating in their private life. Their increasing private use of smart phones and tablets is also impacting positively their maturity and readiness to adopt new ways of working.

Provided this turns true and employees adopt new ways of working, we will see in parallel an increasing pressure on IT departments to deliver optimal solutions.

The “I want what I get at home” symptom will indeed force them to deliver solutions that:

  • offer the same user experience that we can find on the web and apps,
  • are available on the employees’ own smart phone or tablets,
  • are social by nature,
  • are tied together trough a unified navigation and super search (google experience).

Employee hearing their IT department say “Sorry, this is not possible. Sorry, this can’t be changed. Sorry, we do not have the resources.” will not hesitate anymore to use “pirate” solutions in the cloud (the term “pirate” has been inspired by @claudesuper).

We are at a frontier where the old model is being directly challenged in its existence and the new model is still a sort of “Wild Wild West”.

From a coordinated and unified Digital Workplace point of view, this move to new ways of working will not necessarily be done in the most efficient way and we might very well live in a sort of “Intranet +” situation for some time.

Oh, by the way, happy new year! 🙂


About ernstdecsey

Passionate about the digital workplace (defined as the sum of collaboration, social media and the Intranet). The postings on this site are my own.
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3 Responses to 2013, the year of new ways of working?

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  2. Great comments about the impatience of employees to get a ‘consumer’ experience when at work – maybe part of the humanisation of IT……and corporations?

    • ernstdecsey says:

      Thank you Louise. I did not mention it in my post but I think that the impatience also affects local IT departments that are close to the business and cannot sometimes afford to wait global IT processes. (Note I think this applies mostly to very large organizations with ‘heavy’ HQs). I like your term ‘humanisation of IT’ with the implicit rise of a good user experience as a prerequisite to the success of any elements of the digital workplace.

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