Your first experience with a new Intranet

Today, we conducted our first face to face Intranet induction session, targetted at people who just joined our organisation.

We briefly presented the salient features of our Intranet and explained our digital workplace environement.

At the end, we provided one page which contains questions and a map of our Intranet eco system. We asked the new employee to keep this page next to his desk and to fill it in within the next 30 days.

The page contains questions such as:

  • What can’t you find on the Intranet?
  • What features / area of our Intranet do you use daily?
  • What did you use in your previous workplace that you would love to find on our Intranet?
  • What task(s) would you like to be able to accomplish online?
  • What is your overall happiness level with our Intranet?

We plan to do this with every new employee and hope to get valuable information, especially from people who do not know yet our Intranet and come with new perspectives, experiences and fresh eyes!

This session follow two of our Intranet principles:

  • Listening to our users
  • Making the first experience with the Intranet a good one

Would love to hear your views. Has anyone experienced or conducted a similar intranet induction process?

About ernstdecsey

Passionate about the digital workplace (defined as the sum of collaboration, social media and the Intranet). The postings on this site are my own.
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2 Responses to Your first experience with a new Intranet

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  2. Nadine says:

    Great idea Ernst! Like the idea of leaving them with some ‘homework’. Great to get some fresh perspective while they are still new to the company and not yet loaded up with work!

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